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Compilation No. 4, Karlsruhe

Release Title: 76666

No. 4 Release Date: 06/11/2020

Artists: VA

Embracing divergent characters, scenes, styles and means of expressions to build up a wide network of asymmetry is our goal and ideal. Contrast, diversity, anomaly and variance are words that seem congruent with our mode of interest in the world of sound and expression; thus 76666 must be seen less as a label, than as a linking parque. Recollecting polyamorous habits is what we can learn from music by meditating on its communicative force.

We want to thank all participants, supporters and friends who constantly give advice and reinforcement to the process of ending common-isms in the love of peculiarities and frictions!

It’s not about making monetary profit; the revenue lies in the state of the interworld, in being connected and sharing energy, motivation and to exchange possibilities.

To emphasize and transform this idea, all the revenues from this compilation will be shared to SeaWatch to particularly support the people in need on the greek islands and the Mediterranean Sea. We‘d like to keep this approach: to share at least a part of the revenues with those, who can’t a afford our privileges. We wish to be a profit-organization, when it comes to incorporating or a liating.

Consistency means death - grinding keeps us alive*. (there are at least 76666 shades of grey)

*This Release brings together 24 tracks, ranging from bridge trap, broken club, post-post rock, sounds of silence over outsider house, liquid wave, aether hymns to klassisk klubmusiek.
technical ambient, non ideologica, lol ‘o byes, eclectro, unspeci ed prayers, hoodstep, haus musique, drum & based, meow romantic, obviously: world, dungeon synth, critical pop, neo balançe, wrong folk, post-new H-ism, korrekt riddim, legal trance, aurora dance, lo- fy-....


01 Stert - Unsere Zeit
02 Guenter Råler - Irregular Breathing
03 Nobutaka Shomura - Sad Hell
04 Azdner Wellsgoodness - Vapor Paintings
05 Pauler Perrier - Divinatio
06 Lukrø - Suden Riddim
07 ADY - Light ight
08 Interpret - freixeNET2020
09 Lintu - Amourfou
10 DJ<3 - Ich <3 Dich
11 Ladonna - Nailgun
12 Alza54 - Milli Tek
13 Christoff Riedel - Aere
14 Casiopaya - Fire In My Chest
15 Thirdworldlabour - Totem (The Revolution Will Not Be Streamed)16 Widnik - Drippin
19 Carol Moss - Sirens
20 Chaos Angel - Sona Cruise
21 Herlyn - Teac
22 DJ Pirna - Barbie Schuhmacher‘s Lament
23 annika lock - honeycocoon
24 Incognito-San - Stereo Luv V2

76666: Welcome
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