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SUAL Festival

Me, Myself or I

December 8th-10th 2016 I Echoraum, Vienna


What there left? 

Searching for life´s trails

3 channels


Photographing and drawing musicians, composing visual artists. Music goes video goes performance goes film goes music. Audiogenealogical experiments, an androgynous John Wayne alias Marion Morrison. "Shut up and listen!", interdisciplinary Festival for music and sound art enters its eleventh edition, offering space/time for advanced music and sound-based visual art, as well as related artistic genres and transdisciplinary efforts.

Under the festival theme "Me Myself or I"I, creative side tracks and transformations are explored, and unfamiliar perspectives cast upon multi-layered artistic ideates.

Electroacoustic works inspired by photographies of the songwriter and musician Daniel Pabst.

Sual: Welcome
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