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Real Feel (r)

Babak Behrouz, Real feel (r), Hamburg, ok.terrain, 2018


nina (VIS)
Paule Perrier live

Schluss (Sky Walking) live

… In 2001, the US reformed the definition of perceived temperature, with the result that it became generally warmer. The German Meteorological Service made elaborate thermal comfort studies and developed a method to predict the discomfort of a 35-year-old, 1.75-meter-tall and 75-pound man walking at a speed of 4 km/h (taking into account the VDI Standard 3787 Part 2 ‘Perceived temperature and thermal stress’). The United Nations has also established a commission.

While the UN is still sitting, the american weather service AccuWeather ("The World's Weather Authority") is already in the next round: They have invented the "RealFeel" temperature. It is composed of a web of parameters and calculates the ultimate weather forecast. …

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