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2020 Soundwork I Bakk Records

G.F, The third mind, The Hague

2020 Soundwork I 76666 

Compilation No 4, Karlsruhe

2020 Live performance I Velak 

Rhiz, Vienna

2019 Live performance I Transferans 

Arkaoda, Berlin

2019 CG products I Superbooth

Superbooth, Berlin

2018 Live performance I Real Feel, Babak Behrouz 

ok.terrain, Hamburg

2018 Live Performance I Femme Schakal

Zur Klappe, Berlin

2018 Live performance I Forum

Elipamanoke, Leipzig

2017 Art Residency I Institut for electronic music and acoustics

TU, Graz

2017 Live Performance I Sägezahn 4


2016 Live performance I "you and me" 

Max Brandt synthesizer, Musiksammlung der Wienbibliothek, Vienna

2016 Soundwork I SUAL festival

Curated by Berhnard Gal, Echoraum, Vienna

2016 Narrator´s voice I Act II: Hope finds a Hole, Performance bi Nicholas Hoffman

Stadtgalerie Schwaz,Tirol

2016 Live performance I Velak export 16

Steinergasse 8, Vienna

2016 Multichannel composition I Acousmatic Music Festival

Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna

2016 Stage Design assistant I Des Kaisers neue Kleider

Roman Freigaßner, Rabenhof Theater, Vienna

2016 Costume and Stage Design I A Story of O. and I.

Lise Lendais, Dunklekammer, Werk X, Vienna

2016 Electroacoustic composition I Signale Graz

“Stimme und Text”, Mummuth, Graz

2015 Performance L.A.B I Soundscapes &Sound Identities, FKL

Forum Klang Landschaften, Portobeseno

2015 Soundwork I Musiques et Recherches

Concert Vienna/Luxembourg, Espace Senghor, Belgium

2014 Live performance I Transporter

Analog live set, Vienna

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